Our Approach

Let's get started
Initially, several questions need to be addressed such as building site characteristics, basic square footage needs, financial parameters and the construction timeline. With this information provided, we can begin to formulate the scope of work to best meet the desires of the client.

Subsequent meetings can include processes such as a site visit to determine placement of the structure and improvements such as driveways, pools and landscaping. Other topics such as interior design services, architectural services and banking relations need to be understood by both parties. Upon providing a simple cost analysis of the project, the next step would be to begin the design process. A fee may be charged to begin the construction drawings including floor plans and an exterior rendering.

Preliminary Design and Pricing
Construction drawings are produced from the latest computer software to include the floor plans, exterior elevations, interior wall elevations and structural engineering including the foundation, walls and roof systems. Upon approval of the preliminary drawings, a meeting will be scheduled to complete a pre-bid selection sheet, out-lining what items will be included in the pricing process. Over a period of 2-4 weeks, the preliminary plans will be distributed to our sub-contractors for comprehensive and detailed cost proposals. Formal specifications of construction will be provided along with a proposal for construction costs.

Initiating Work
Upon acceptance of the plans, specifications and pricing, a formal Construction Agreement will be prepared. Final engineering, site surveying, construction financing and building permits are typically the next items to be accomplished prior to actual on-site construction. Pinnacle Custom Builders strives to keep an open line of communication between the client and all parties involved in the construction process. From on-site management of the sub-contractors, scheduling and budget review, all aspects are monitored on a daily basis.